Our Fixer Upper

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Our Fixer Upper

While trying to start a business, move & unpack, build a tasting room and start a vineyard; we have a house that needs to be remodeled. As mentioned in an earlier post, we are not sure how old the home is and it was definitely built in three phases over three different time periods. To keep our costs down, we decided to take on as much of the remodeling as we could. One of our best resources since we moved here has been YouTube! Although with our slow-hi-speed internet, we can’t always watch it. 🙂

We started with cleaning and removing all of the “stuff’ that was left in the house. There was carpet everywhere; on the floors and in rolls. We removed the linoleum in the kitchen and Moira cleaned and cleaned. We had a dump trailer full of left over stuff. It was crazy. Painting was next, walls & ceilings. Of course the ceilings took two coats, still have a crick from them!

The first months there were filled with many small projects, blinds, new light fixtures for the ceiling fans, new appliances and landscaping (starting at least).

Next was the utility room. It was in rough shape. We had to replace the subfloor, install wainscoting, new flooring & shelving, and fresh paint. We thought a two-day project at best. A week later we finished it. Little did we know that this ‘project creep’ would apply to almost every project we tackled!

As we were planning our next project, Moira realized that our cultured marble vanity had hairline cracks and was leaking. So off to Home Depot it was. I could probably write an entire post of our trips to Home Depot, sometimes as many as three times per day! Shopping cart in hand, we started filling it with supply lines, caulking, new faucets and vanity. So we’re searching for vanities and discovered that ours was not a typical length, so we had to order a custom top. Another delay!

We uncovered hardwood floors in about half of the house. We knew it would be a big project but we wanted to take it on. So after much YouTube research, we rented a sander for a weekend and went through some sanding discs over 3 days. Then we used palm sanders to sand along the baseboards and other areas that the big sander could not reach. Moira vacuumed the dust that covered everything. Next we wiped the floors with a damp rag and applied sanding sealer. The next day we applied two coats of polyurethane. The fumes were so strong during the second coat, I had to wear a respirator. The whole house smelled from the poly, so off to Round Rock for a few days. When we returned we realized that there were spots that I missed. So we had to buff the floors (we used the palm sanders) and applied the last coat. The whole process took about a week and a half but I love the way they turned out. It was worth all of the hard work!

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