Pickers – Early, TX Style

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Pickers – Early, TX Style

Our plan from the start was to use the existing barn on the property as our tasting room. We thought that we could get it cleaned up, built out, and opened by January of 2017. We learned quickly that our projected timing for the opening was way off.

The cleaning out of the barn was a much bigger project than we anticipated. The overall space of the barn is only about 1800 square feet, but when we moved in we discovered that it was filled with lots of things that had been forgotten about or just left by the previous owner and it was ALL covered in a thick layer of sandy dust.

We began the clean-up with our work gloves and dust masks on. In the beginning it was fun to discover what we had inherited. The vintage 6 foot long Philco chest freezer is something that we hope to restore and use in the winery. There was also an old wooden cabinet and a few silver pieces. But the thing that most excited me was an antique green glass pedestal bowl that matched a set of tumblers that Brian’s mother gave us!

After several days of working in the barn, we learned that we were the owners of a ton of junk! We had 2 freezers, 3 refrigerators, a lazy boy chair, boxes and buckets of nails and screws, at least 30 various sized glass jars, rolls of carpet and linoleum, 5 lawn mowers, Christmas decorations, multiple doors, a high school diploma, and hand written will recorded on greenbar paper. There was also an Apple 2E dot matrix printer and a type writer!

Next we tore down the 100 square foot office with classic wood paneling. We then rented a dump truck and filled it with as much as we could.  The refrigerators and freezers were taken to an appliance center and the metal to the scrap yard. We had a ton to haul off.

After removing everything from the barn, I could see the beginnings of our tasting room. We power washed the inside of the barn and cleaned the floor. When the weather clears up, the framing will get started!

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