12 Days Until Christmas

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12 Days Until Christmas

This will be the first Christmas that we’re in a separate city from both of our sons. It’s especially difficult being away from our granddaughters. Now I realize how my mother & father felt during this time. Coming from a family of 3 brothers & 3 sisters, the holidays were a big deal at our home. Our gatherings were big and there were always friends & neighbors coming over. Playing football in the street and laughing at dads corny joked inside. Somehow in that small kitchen, mom would cook feasts! Great times and better memories.

We have been blessed with a wonderful family. On my side, my mother has 24 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. Even with our busy, growing families, we stay in touch. Below is a picture from my mother’s 90th birthday a few years ago. With so many different schedules, it’s hard to believe we can pull these get togethers off, but we do.

It’s good that Moira & I will be so busy this month because it will be a little quieter this Christmas. We had so many friends in the Round Rock area that will be truly missed over the holidays. We’re hoping the winery will be a place for us to bring old friends together and meet many new friends along the way.

I hope this Christmas you can spend it with those you love. Maybe rekindle some old relationships and make some new ones. Don’t get so caught up with all the hustle & bustle of the season and make sure to spread that holiday spirit with everyone you meet.

“The glad greeting of Merry Christmas is a pledge of brotherhood. We are one great family. No wonder that Christmas is above all others the family day. A transfigured atmosphere of peace and love breathes around the home. The gifts and tenders of affection cement more closely the sacred ties of family life. The peace and love of this hallowed time shines like a halo around us; it goes with us as we hasten through the crowded streets; it brightens and cheers those we meet. There are no strangers on Christmas Day” ~ J.T. Driscoll, “The Message of Christmas,”

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  1. Henryetta Stevens December 13, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    We live just out of Zephyr and are so excited with your progress. Please know, there are friends you haven’t met yet! We are so anxious for your opening!

    • Brians_Post December 13, 2016 at 10:03 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment, it made our day. We are looking forward to meeting our new friends!

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