Tasting Room is Almost Finished

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Tasting Room is Almost Finished

Michael with Goode Plumbing came out to rough in all of our plumbing. So now we can sheetrock the restroom and storage room. We’re also getting quotes for our septic system. The disappointing news was that the casing in our well had rusted and we’ll have to re-drill a new well (oh-well).

February Workcrew

On February 17-19, we had a work crew from Round Rock come to help, AKA the Milestone CrossFit support team (they’re all members of our son & daughter-in-law’s gym). Vince and his son Vinny, Carla, our daughter-in-law Amber along with our granddaughters, and Jason. Jason came up to finish the HVAC installation, hanging the exposed duct along the center of the room. With Vinny’s help, he was finished in no time.

Getting things done!

Vince went to work on finishing the wood trim. We set all of the windows and he trimmed around them. He also installed shelves inside our wine barrel display racks. They will each hold a single variety of each of our first five wines. The rest of us went to work on all of the other little projects. Carla started prepping the oak chairs to be refinished. Moira & Amber were staying busy.

Amber & Rylee helping G-pa

Most of the crew had to head back early Sunday but Amber and the girls stayed since they had no school for President’s Day. We had rented the scissor lift for Jason, so we wanted to get our money’s worth and use it to finishing hanging the ‘Tennessee clamp’ sheet metal panels. Cutting & re-cutting the metal, driving the sheet metals crews; it was hard work. We finished about 10:30 that evening and it was pouring outside. With the walls almost completely covered, the tasting room is really taking shape!

Besides the sheetrock and finishing the plumbing, we need to tile the restroom and paint the storage room. We need to seal all of the wood trim and bar. Then the last item to do on the inside is the floors. We are going to try to use a concrete dye to color them and then seal them. We can see the end!

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  1. Jo Lynn Dean March 25, 2017 at 11:43 am

    We’re anxious for you to open. Look forward to trying your wines! Please keep us updated!

    • Brians_Post March 25, 2017 at 8:44 pm

      Thanks, we’re getting close!

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