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8 04, 2017

Opening Day

By | 2017-04-08T12:22:31+00:00 April 8th, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Opening Day

After a bunch of hard work (still more to do), setbacks & other obstacles; we finally opened on April 6th. We sent a message to our mail list and quietly opened the doors at 4:00 pm. On Thursday, we still had many items on the checklist. Moira & I had to make ourselves stop so [...]

22 02, 2017

Tasting Room is Almost Finished

By | 2017-02-22T09:54:21+00:00 February 22nd, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|2 Comments

Michael with Goode Plumbing came out to rough in all of our plumbing. So now we can sheetrock the restroom and storage room. We’re also getting quotes for our septic system. The disappointing news was that the casing in our well had rusted and we’ll have to re-drill a new well (oh-well). February Workcrew [...]

7 02, 2017

Captain Arrrt Got Us Off The Hook

By | 2017-02-07T13:39:14+00:00 February 7th, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Captain Arrrt Got Us Off The Hook

My buddy Arthur Serrano has been trying to make it down to see us. He sold his business a few years ago and had planned to retire. He has been so busy these past few years, I hardly see him. One of his ventures is a charter fishing company, Hot Spot Fishing Charters (follow him [...]

1 02, 2017

Boy That Escalated Quickly

By | 2017-02-01T19:29:29+00:00 February 1st, 2017|Blog, Uncategorized|2 Comments

We got so much accomplished last week that I had to write about it. We received a text from our good friend Vince Garcia. He said he needed a break from performing home inspections and wanted to use his hands to build something. He crazily asked if we needed any help on the tasting room. [...]

13 12, 2016

12 Days Until Christmas

By | 2016-12-13T20:05:17+00:00 December 13th, 2016|Blog, Uncategorized|2 Comments

This will be the first Christmas that we’re in a separate city from both of our sons. It’s especially difficult being away from our granddaughters. Now I realize how my mother & father felt during this time. Coming from a family of 3 brothers & 3 sisters, the holidays were a big deal at our [...]

28 11, 2016

A Little History

By | 2016-11-28T07:43:35+00:00 November 28th, 2016|Blog, Uncategorized|Comments Off on A Little History

There are so many things about our house and our property we don’t know. For example, our house is built in three distinctive sections. About half of it is cement foundation and the other is peer & beam. We discovered hardwood floors in the peer & beam section, but the woods in the bedrooms are not [...]

14 11, 2016

Sunsets and Sunrises

By | 2016-11-14T09:23:44+00:00 November 14th, 2016|Blog, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Sunsets and Sunrises

This is a little of topic, but I just love sunsets and sunrises. I’m a photography buff and love shooting landscape photography. There are some amazing scenic places to photograph, but none to me are more stunning than sunsets. Each one can be so different. Take advice from the great Phil Dunphy’s (Modern Family) book [...]

31 10, 2016

Our Fixer Upper

By | 2016-10-31T08:54:30+00:00 October 31st, 2016|Blog, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Our Fixer Upper

While trying to start a business, move & unpack, build a tasting room and start a vineyard; we have a house that needs to be remodeled. As mentioned in an earlier post, we are not sure how old the home is and it was definitely built in three phases over three different time periods. To [...]